Shattered Star

Session 26

Return to Kaer Maga

Kuthona 26, 4716

  • We begin the intensive search of the Black Keep.
  • The small pool is a magical pool called a Naming Pool, which serves as a portal of some kind. Is this what the Caulborn are after here?
  • In a public bath filled with dark water, Grath gets attacked by three Mohrgs! We manage to kill them all without anyone getting paralyzed.
  • We find several items we had overlooked on our first trip through the previously explored areas.
  • We found a woman (a Pale Stranger) with self-loading hand crossbows in the stables. She drops Grath like a bad habit. Holo & Pavo managed to kill her before she could take out anyone else.
  • Before we could investigate anything else, four Caulborn and two floating brains enter the Black Keep behind us. As expected, they betrayed us.
  • Holo, under the effects of a Confusion spell, killed Onos.
  • We managed to kill all the fuckers. With Onos dead and most of Sawyer’s spells gone, we decided to leave this place.
  • Did some selling and buying to get Onos raised from the dead.

Kuthona 28, 4716

  • Spent two days in the library.
  • Onos is back from the dead.
  • We leave Kaer Maga for Magnimar.


  • From the Minds of Monsters (+ 1 Tome of Clear Thought) (recharges on Abadius 20)

What’s Next

  • Can cast Restoration on Abadius 7.


Krothos Krothos

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