Shattered Star

Session 27

Pavo...Goddamn It...


Kuthona 28, 4716

  • We find a boat heading to Magnimar and book passage.
  • We arrive in Sirathu (village of lanterns) for the night.
  • We party new year’s eve away.

Abadius 1, 4717

  • We arrive in Abkin.

Abadius 2, 4717

  • We arrive in Melfesh.

Abadius 3, 4717

  • We arrive in Biston.

Abadius 4, 4717

  • We arrive in Ilsurian.

Abadius 6, 4717

  • We arrive in Whistletown.

Abadius 7, 4717

  • We arrive in Whartle.

Abadius 10, 4717

  • We arrive in Magnimar.

Abadius 11, 4717

  • Pavo goes full retard and tells his dad everything about our quest for the shards; endangering us and everything he hope to accomplish.
  • Bevaluu Zimantiu (Priestess of Desna) is interested in us going to Windsong Abbey.
  • Pilla Linuveshi (a Harrower) has seen the Abbey after it was attacked. She’s in Sandpoint.

Abadius 12, 4717

  • We speak with Bevaluu.
  • The Abbey is built on a old temple to Groetus which happens to have a Doomsday Door on site.

Abadius 17, 4717

  • An Elf (Ayamyra) comes to talk to us about going to the Windsong Abbey.

Abadius 20, 4717

  • We go to Sandpoint.

Abadius 21, 4717

  • We arrive in Sandpoint and talk to Pilla.
  • There are redcaps and Giants at the Abbey.

Abadius 23, 4717

  • We arrive at Windsong Abbey, scout it out, and commit our initial foray.
  • We decided to ambush the Giants ( hill giants and ettins) in the village and wiped them out.


  • From the Minds of Monsters (+ 1 Tome of Clear Thought) (recharges on Calistrial 20)

What’s Next

  • Clear Windsong Abbey for Bevaluu Zimantiu.
  • Retrieve a sliver of wood from the Chair of Calistria for Ayamyra.
  • Fight off waves of Giants.


Krothos Krothos

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