Shattered Star

Session 28

Abadius 23, 4717

  • We killed two more waves of Hill Giants & Ettins.
  • We decided to enter the abbey through the burned out roof of the largest building.
  • There were six Dust Mephits waiting for us. They were joined by a Redcap leader/spellcaster. She fled after her Invisibility was foiled by our Faerie Fire.
  • In a large grand chamber, 3 Mummies and an Juju Zombie Bugbear attacked us. The Juju Zombie brutalized Grath before we killed it. Sawyer dropped the Mummies in an Acid Pit and made the most disgusting soup any of us have ever smelled.
  • Then we found a pair of Vrocks. We killed them without too much trouble.


  • + 1 Elf Bane Arrow x10 (83 gp)
  • From the Minds of Monsters (+ 1 Tome of Clear Thought) (recharges on Calistrial 20)
  • + 1 Full Plate (1,325 gp)
  • Greataxe of Life Stealing (13,015 gp)
  • Light crossbow (17 gp)
  • Sliver of the Calistria chair

What’s Next

  • Clear Windsong Abbey for Bevaluu Zimantiu.
  • Retrieve a sliver of wood from the Chair of Calistria for Ayamyra. (Got it).
  • Fight off waves of Giants.


Krothos Krothos

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