Ayala Javeski

Leader of The Tower Girls


Ayala Javeski was one of a dozen wererats born to a established clan of wererat Sczarni who dwelled in Riddleport. Infighting and treachery eventually saw the destruction of that clan, with several of the siblings fleeing the city rather than be slaughtered by their kin. Today, the only scion of this clan who still lives in Riddleport is the crimelord Ziphras. Ayala ended up in Magnimar, where she worked for several years as hired muscle for the Wreckwash Blades. Through a combination of manipulation, seduction, and coercion, she managed to become apprenticed to a local cat burglar who taught her many of the finer points of breaking and entering. She repaid him with a knife to the back, leaving his bleeding corpse in a gutter one moonless night. Since then, Ayala has founded her own female-only gang of cat burglars, calling them the Tower Girls.

The Tower Girls have thrived under Ayala’s hard-nosed leadership. But after a failed attempt to seize power from the Wreckwash Blades forced Ayala to flee Dockway and go into hiding for a time in Underbridge, the Tower Girls’ fortunes seemed to be growing shaky. The discovery of the chambers within the Crow represent a great stroke of luck to Ayala. She hopes to use the treasures she finds within to restore her gang’s place in Magnimar’s underworld. The apparent betrayal of Natalya has left Ayala in a particularly bitter mood, and she’s increasingly turning her plans away from using her newfound resources to restore her gang toward financing a large-scale hunt in Magnimar to track down Natalya and destroy her.

Ayala Javeski

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