Grath (Sorshen)

Druid 4, Unchained Rogue 9




Born in the Mwangi Expanse , Grath grew up wild. His parents were novice Pathfinders on their way to Sharrowsmith’s Exports in Nantambu when their caravan was attacked by bandits. With the caravan destroyed, Grath was taken in by Nuntumbu, the dire ape animal companion of the druid Xabala.

Not wishing a child to die, Xabala instructed Nuntumbu to raise the child as his own, while she continued to patrol the wilderness. The first few years of Grath’s life were relatively uneventful other than learning to walk and climb. As he grew, he was taught to live off the land and how to hunt. When bigger prey was to be found, Grath found he was rather useless. A few weeks later, Grath “found” a longspear and a dagger (which were left by Xabala).

Xabala kept tabs on Grath as he grew, knowing that his innate connection to nature would strengthen his ties to the land. She watched as Grath grew faster, striking prey before it knew he was there. Watched as he learned to ward away more dangerous predators with his longspear to keep them at bay.

When Grath was 13, an explorer named Donnica came across him in the wilderness. Curious to another creature like him, Grath followed Donnica as part of her travels. During this time, she taught him how to set traps, find traps, and how to hit prey in vital areas to incapacitate or kill them. She also taught him rudimentary Common during this time.

Donnica took Grath back to Absalom with her to train with the Pathfinder Society. There he was fawned upon by both the rogues and druids in the order teaching him their skills and improving his common.

During his time there, he grew interested in the different Empyreal lords worshiped in Varisia like Cernunnos, Maahes, and Jaidz. Grath hopes to get stationed out in Varisia once he completes his pathfinder training.

Grath (Sorshen)

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