Lockerbie Brast

Male Lacedon Rogue


Far from the darkness of caves and graves of normal ghouls, the aquatic cousins of the ghoul lurk near hidden reefs or other places where ships are likely to meet their ends. These lacedons, or aquatic ghouls, are generally as quick and agile in water as they are on land.


Ghouls are sentient (but often feral) humanoid undead that haunt graveyards and devour corpses. Rarely ghouls rise above their feral instincts to become horrifyingly civilized cannibals.

One of the most interesting and disturbing things about ghouls is that despite being undead, they harbor many of the needs that drive the living, though admittedly these needs are normally perverted in some sinister way. Hunger is a ghoul’s primary motivator, despite being dead with stomachs that long ago stopped working. This hunger is constant, never rising or falling, and only ceasing during the actual consumption of flesh. Eating has no biological benefit and a ghoul can go for years without eating and suffer no negative consequences. While this hunger drives ghouls to always be on the look out for prey, ghouls are also intelligent creatures; they have other needs apart from hunger, needs that can be sated. The only product of a ghoul’s flesh consumption seems to be that it is absorbed directly into the body to replace the ghoul’s own decayed, necrotic flesh. Strangely enough, ghouls only shed this necrotic waste when there is enough food to resupply it. Though they prefer rotting bodies and often bury their victims for a while to improve their taste, ghouls will eat fresh kills if they are hungry enough.

Lockerbie Brast

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