Pavo Scarnetti

2-Handed Fighter 14th lvl


5’-10’, 180# Red wavy hair, deep green eyes with that 5 o’clock shadow. Always kind and respectful to others. Likes to dress to the nines, when he has the money.


A noble’s son; well-connected, educated, has his world by the balls. Four years ago, he lived in the heart of Varisa in the Grand City of Magnimar. There was nothing standing in his way, until that fateful day when he first saw her. A Varisian woman by the name of Alexandria Muhlfriedel. There was something about her, beauty, grace, the sparkle in her eyes the way she talked and laughed. He had to have her, there could be no other, despite his father’s dislike for Varisians.

His father Arthur knew all of this – he had agents who had seen the two together frequently. He warned that he did not approve — after all she was some kind of rogue and even worse a Varisian. Only something bad would come of it. Especially after what happened to the Foxgloves, first they lost their ancestral home, Misgiving, now their townhouse sits abandoned, and all because of a Varisian. He told Pavo to stay away from the girl. Pavo did not listen, because he loved her. The two would meet secretly late at night in remote parts of the city.

Pavo became bolder and the two would often be seen together doing what lovers do, holding hands and the like. On one such occasion while at a festival held in the honor of the Varisian goddess Desna, held outside the City’s wall in a large walnut grove, three things happened. Pavo did the unthinkable. He asked for her hand in marriage. Alexandra told him she could not, without her father’s blessing. Alexandria father Zandu, too, was not happy knowing the Scarnetti name and thought little of the family. So he told them quite loudly so all would hear he refused to allow the marriage, till Pavo proved himself, and there was the question of gifts for to be considered, as it was the Varisian way. Zandu insisted on meeting with Pavo’s father to discuss the particulars. Alexandria cried and ran off. Her brother Oslo asked Pavo to leave, which left him puzzled.

Zandu and Oslo left the festival and went into the city, looking for the Scarnetti Estate. Once finding it the two gained entry after asking to meet with Pavo’s father. Questioned if they had an appointment Zandu explained that Pavo had asked for he daughter’s hand in marriage and he must speak with his father, as is their way. They were asked to wait in the parlor, as Pavo’s father was very busy. After waiting almost an hour the two were asked to come into Scarnetti’s office. Zandu told Arthur of Pavo’s proposal, and asked him what gifts would be offered as dowry for his daughter hand in marriage. Enraged, Arthur screamed, “Gifts?! You come to my home and ask me for gifts? How dare you?! I will give you my way, get out of my house. Leave now and I will give you one gift. Know this now and never forget my words. There will be no marriage to any son of mine. You and your like are never welcome in this home. Leave and never return!”

Zandu, insulted, cursed Arthur’s family in Varisian before leaving the estate.

The next morning Pavo returned home, unaware of the events that transpired the previous evening. He neared the door of his room, and knew something was amiss. One of his father’s aides intercepted him and delivered his father’s instructions to meet him in his office. For the first time in his life, he did as he was told – he knew something was up. Let’s just say shit hit the fan.

After a quick meeting, Pavo found himself on a cargo ship sailing to a far and distant land. Pavo was given 200 hundred gold pieces, a ring and told by his father. “ You have dishonored our family. I told you nothing good could come from girl and her like. You did not listen and went off and asked for the whore’s hand in marriage? You are no longer my son, I have disowned you and written you out of my will. From this day forward, I never wish to see you. I have booked passage for you to the city of Absalom, I wish you good luck may may Abadar smile on you.” He handed Pavo a ticket as he said, your things will meet him at the docks. Be on the ship when it sails.

Well, that was three years ago. The money his father gave him quickly ran out, but Pavo was always a quick learner, able to think himself out of trouble or use the demoralizing tone he learned from his father to persuade himself out of trouble. Somehow or why Abadar smiled on him, and he was able to get along.

He became a regular temple goer on every weekend and holy weeks. Pavo would go seek religious guidance at the Temple of Abadar. He was well liked by other believer because he often offer his help to others. One such man was named Hargrove, Captain of the City watch provided by the Temple. Hargrove offered Pavo a position in the Temples guard, which he did, spending many a night under the star lite sky acting as a sentinel to the grand city. This might have below his station, but money is money and he would do what he could to survive

He found himself having to do other odd jobs too. During one such job he was working for a merchant outfitting a ship that had ran to ground. After a hard day’s work, while walking home along the sandy beach he came across a Bastard Sword and Heavy Chain Shirt that seemed almost new. He rolled them up in his sack and took them home. He dropped them on the floor next to his bed. After praying to Abadar, giving thanks to the god for his good luck in finding her gifts, he tried to go to sleep, but sat there thinking to himself who did the sword and shirt belong to.

He awoke late the next morning, missing the call for the work-crew. He went home to try on his new-found items and they fit him well. He put on his good silk jacket and went to the market to get some food and watered wine. While walking back to his room, he was accosted by a couple of street people. He drew his Bastard Sword and defended himself with some technique lacking. A mysterious man saw the action and drew his sword to help Pavo run off the two men. Pavo thank him and offered to buy him some bread and wine in thanks.

The man said his name was Athos Foxglove. Pavo knew the name, wasn’t a common name, but thought nothing of it. The two sat to eat the bread and drink the bottle of wine. Athos remarked during the meal that Pavo was handy with that sword; with a little polish he could be quit good with it. Athos offered to take him to the park and show him a trick or two.

At the park Athos showed him how to set his feet and the right way to hold the sword. Telling him you need to use a little something called Panache. After a couple of hours Athos said it was getting late, and he wanted Pavo to meet him in the park in the morning and he would show him a few moves, he could find very helpful next time he adventured down the wrong street, and one more thing don’t wear that coat, you stand out like a peacock.

The next morning, Athos was standing by a shade tree smoking a pipe, holding a small package. As Pavo walked up he said, your late, this is for you, handing him the small package. Pavo thanked him, while standing looking at the package. Athos said, well open it, we will begin with those new tricks I promised you. Pavo looked at the small steal dish with leather straps. Athos said, it called a buckler, you will need to learn how to use it. It will save your life someday.

The two spent the several weeks training in the park. At the end of the one such week Pavo asked why Athos had taken such and interest in him. Athos said he wasn’t sure, he just liked what he saw that day on the back street and enjoyed the fact you reworded me for helping you. Now I have one more thing for you Pavo, handing him a scroll case, said. Go into the city in the morning, there is a large ivory building there called the Pathfinder Society. Go inside ans ask to speak with Garaval, hand him the scroll case and tell him you are the one I told him about. I knew who you are or who you were Pavo Scarnetti, I am off to Magnimar in the morning. There have been many turns of events since you were last there. A group of citizens from Sandpoint along with the aid of my Cousin, put down a giant invasion and stuck down the Rise of the Runelord. The Pathfinder’s have a great interest in the aftermath and are training new agents to help. Because of your last name and what I have seen of your ability s, I think you will have what it takes to become a Pathfinder agent and look forward to seeing you there soon. Pavo tried to question him, only to have Athos telling him to do as he was told.

The next morning Pavo did just as he was told., never opening the scroll case. He went to the Pathfinders Society Headquarters and asked to speak with Garaval. A few minute later a tall Kelshite man with a neatly trim beard wearing a white turban walked up to him . I am Garaval, as he looked him over. Pavo hand him the scroll case. Gravel opened it and read the note inside. Then said hmm he must think a lot of you Mr Scarnetti. Reaching inside his pocket he handed Pavo a key, then said, this is your key, don’t loose it you will not get another. Breakfast is at sunrise, I trust you will be on time. There are rules here ,learn them. I will see you in the morning there will be much to do.

The next morning it began, training, classes more classes, more training. Pavo love it, he had found what he wanted most of all ,a path to walk and a way to show his father he was wrong. He thanked Abadar everyday for his luck and promised to help others as he was. And to one day prove to his Father he was wrong about him. He worked hard and like a sponge adsorbed everything they put in front of him.

Many weeks later, the classes and training have been completed. Tomorrow is the day he has been waiting four long years a new be gaining.

Pavo Scarnetti

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