Sawyer Yesleth

Arcanist 13


Born and raised in the elven enclave of Crying Leaf located in Varisia’s Mierani Forest. Sawyer is the youngest of five, born to one of the better known and respected Wizards in the village his father Haldouan. Haldouan is gifted and brilliant but far from pleasant to be around. His mother, Edwynn is beautiful, charismatic and loved by everyone. Edwynn (a bard) is known to gather most of the village to share stories of battles against the hated Drow.

Sawyer, from a young age, shown to be naturally gifted intellectually and magically. Spending hours studying his father’s tomes about anything was always the best way to gain the positive attention of his grumpy father.

His mother nurturing, kind and loving, could always make Sawyer feel better after a blustery interaction with his father. Sawyer often complained he was father’s least favorite. His siblings are all well known and talented leaders in the fight against the Drow. Sawyer, considered the baby of the family, has never been allowed to take part in any of the fights with the Drow. His father and oldest brother, much to Sawyer’s dismay, even ordered him to hide in the house during a recent Drow raid in Crying Leaf.

Six months ago, the village leader, Eviana Nirgassan came to their home to discuss an important idea with Sawyer and his parents. She was proposing that Sawyer would move to Magnimar as a part of a Pathfinder exchange. The hope was that Sawyer would learn about life on the frontier and the major city. Bring that wisdom back to Crying Leaf after a couple years. Not surprisingly, Sawyer’s father insisted it should be one of the older siblings instead of Sawyer. Edwynn and Eviana did not falter on their belief in Sawyer being the right choice. It was decided that night Sawyer would leave the next month.

Sawyer has been in Magnimar about four months. Living and studying at the Pathfinder Lodge. He is a voracious reader and spends hours pouring over the pathfinder library. Not at all a traditional pathfinder, Sawyer has made friends and become a valued young Pathfinder since his arrival.

He is craving adventure and will volunteer for any task that is perceived as “adventurous”

Sawyer Yesleth

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