Travelogue of Onos T'oolan

Initiate Evaluation: Onos T’oolan
Proctor: Eliza Petulengro, Venture Captain

Applicant presents as a Taldan man (although if T’oolan is a Taldan family name, I’ll eat a brick), older than most applicants, but not so old as to be an issue.


  • Decent education
  • Divine powers (Sarenrae)
  • Generous with information and time
  • Intuitive
  • Not a complete idiot
  • Passionate about most aspects of the Society
  • Personable and friendly without being naive
  • Surprisingly well-traveled
  • Tenascious
  • Thassilonian self-study remarkably correct
  • Tougher than he looks; good endurance


  • Dedication to Sarenrae could prove to be a conflict on certain expeditions
  • No mechanical aptitude
  • No real aptitude with weapons
  • Not athletic at all
  • Only speaks one (dead) language
  • Training narrowly focused on ancient Thassilon

Applicant submitted a Pathfinder-style travel journal. While the journal is not important enough to warrant inclusion in the Chronicles (most of the research he’s done is already known), the detail and style of his writing shows great promise. In addition, his research methodology is surprisingly professional for an untrained applicant.

I have included several excerpts from T’oolan’s journal to demonstrate the effort and work he’s already completed.

Sandpoint; study of the “Old Light:”
It seems I’ve missed all the excitement and a grand opportunity. A fortnight ago, the town was attacked by Goblins during a festival. A group of adventurers not only fought off the Goblins, but they discovered a hidden Thassilonian ruin buried beneath the town’s glassworks! The adventurers left town to kill more Goblins to the north, but I think I can still get a look at the catacombs beneath the glassworks. With luck, I can convince them I can be useful and I’ll be able to join them when they return.

So, exploring the catacombs did not go as planned. The local sheriff had posted guards to keep people out of the “dangerous” ruins. I thought I had evaded them, but I was wrong. I got arrested and spent a week in jail for trespassing! The only good thing to come out of this situation is I managed to avoid the danger of some crazed killer terrorizing the town. So, that’s a plus, I guess.

I missed the adventurers again. I did, however, manage to befriend (after a fashion) a local scholar named Broderik Quink. He has some interesting theories about an assumed Thassilonian ruin in the town that he locals call the “Old Light.” While most people assume the ruin was an old lighthouse, but Quink is convinced that the sea was nowhere near here before Earthfall, so the ruin could not have been a lighthouse. To gain his aid, I’ve agreed to go to Magnimar to pick up some books and scrolls for him.

I missed the adventurers again. They’ve headed north to some place called Fort Rannik. The weather is too terrible for me to follow after them alone. So, I’ve decided to stay in Sandpoint to continue my research into the Old Light.

I am lucky to be alive. Yesterday, Sandpoint was attacked by Giants and a Dragon! Broderik and I hid in his basement while the heroes of Sandpoint foiled the invasion and drove off the Dragon. I had hopes of joining these adventurers, but now seeing the kinds of dangers they face, I realize how little use I’d be to them. Still, something good did come out of the attack. One of the Giants apparently took a stone from the Old Light. In doing so, he revealed a gap in the Old Light I may be able to investigate.

Finally a breakthrough! I have been inside the Old Light and can now confirm Quink’s theory. The Old Light was not a lighthouse. Based on what I’ve found, we now believe the Old Light was once three times as tall as it is now and was some kind of weapon – possibly part of a series of immensely powerful weapons meant to protect the borders of a Thassilonian kingdom called Bakrakham (most of which is now below the Varisian Gulf). My research notes and copies of my evidence are as follows…

Riddleport; study of the “the Blot”:
Once again, I have arrived somewhere just after the action. I came here to study the great Cyphergate, but now there’s some kind of strange black spot in the air over the city that the locals call, “the Blot.” Not only that, but there was a series of falling stars a few weeks ago and numerous groups have gone out to collect the valuable sky metals. Oh how I wish I could have tagged along on one of those expeditions!

I have been unable to gain access to the Order of Cyphers. Because of the Blot, they have closed their doors to new admissions for the time being. Rather than leave, I’ve decided to stay and study the Blot along with every other scholar in town. I’ve made enough friends here that I’ve been able to catch up on a lot of the existing research. At this point, most think the Blot is somehow connected to the Cyphergate, but no one knows how or why.

I’ve made a terrible discovery quite by accident. While taking a night off at the Golden Goblin, I overheard the owners (a band of adventurers who had done well for themselves in the skymetal rush) talking. What they suggested seemed insane – that the Blot was a pre-cursor to another Earthfall! Normally, I would have dismissed this as idle gossip, but these adventurers had tales about Dark Elves copying methods devised by Aboleths and it all sounded just plausible enough to be true. I’ve changed the direction of my research.

With the help of my friend and lover, Samaritha Beldusk (a member of the Cypher Lodge and friend to the owners of the Golden Goblin), I have acquired proof that a second Earthfall is imminent. I have included my research notes and proof below – although I still cannot quite determine the exact relationship with the Drow Elves. Samaritha and I are leaving Riddleport tomorrow for Kaer Maga, although I doubt we can get far enough away to avoid the devastation that may be coming our way.

Kaer Maga:
I’m not sure what happened, but the Second Darkness was averted. Samaritha and I arrived in Kaer Maga safe and sound and the Blot is gone! Kaer Maga has proven to be a treasure trove of information and possibilities. Sam has been studying the Augers (strange oracular Trolls that see the future in their own spilled entrails) while I have become fascinated with the Duskwardens.

The Undercity is much bigger than outsiders can readily understand. My friends in the Duskwardens have given my access to many passages and chambers that visitors never see. The dangers are significant (or so they tell me), but I guess my luck is holding up. My escorts and I have yet to be attacked by unnamed horrors from the Darklands.

The Undercity is a treasure trove of information about pre-Earthfall Avistan. I sincerely doubt anything I have learned is new to the Pathfinder Society since I have not delved the deepest recesses of the Undercity, but I have included copies of my research in this humble tome.

Samaritha and I have decided to go to Korvosa by way of Janderhoff, mostly because neither of us have been to either place. Janderhoff is incredible. The stories I’ve heard about Sky Citadels don’t do the place justice. I’ve decided to focus my studies on Dwarven history – specifically the Quest for Sky. Sam is studying Dwarven arcane magic – a topic most non-Dwarves never get a chance to study.

I’ve learned all I can about the Quest for Sky that I can without stealing forbidden (to outsiders) lore from the library here. Sam has hit more of a roadblock than I have and she grows more frustrated by the day. The Dwarves are more insular than I expected. I can’t imagine I’ve learned anything new or drawn any amazing insights, but I’ve still included by research into the Quest for Sky here.

Korvosa; Civil War
Korvosa is an amazing city. With have both been admitted to the Acadamae (although I’m not there for the arcane studies). Sam is thrilled. I am still getting used to the sight of Pseudo Dragons and Imps flying all over the sky. My plan is to write a treatise on Korvosan history.

Things have gone all wrong here. The King died recently. The Queen has taken over, which was not a popular decision, and now the city has started to become dangerous. Worse, the city is in the grips of a terrible plague! No one is allowed in or out of the city. Sam and I have hunkered down and hope to ride out the civil unrest and disease.

Samaritha died yesterday. She became infected with the plague a few days ago. I did all I could to save her, but the city’s resources are spread so thin, even if I’d had the gold, I could not have secured magical healing. I can only assume Sarenrae has other plans for me because I have not yet become infected. I want to leave Korvosa now. There’s nothing for me here.

I managed to secure passage out of the city thanks to some friends I made in the underground. I’ve taken the time to include by research on Korvosan history, but I have focused mainly on current events. This may be the first new and worthy thing I’ve written. I can only hope it makes it to Absolom.

Magnimar; Monuments
I am thrilled to be on the west coast of Varisia again. I have missed the sea. Magnimar is stunning. The last time I was here, I only spent two days and most of that was inside libraries and bookshops. Now, I have time to really take the city in. I have decided to spend my time studying the numerous monuments in the city. The locals claim that many of them bestow magical powers upon those who perform the proper rituals in front of them.

While the Irespan is an incredible sight, I find I have been totally consumed with study of the other lesser monuments – even the ones that are post-Thassilon. Magnimar has an incredibly rich history for such a young city.

I have managed to integrate myself with Sheila Heidmarch of Heidmarch Manor. Even though I’m not a Pathfinder agent (yet), Lady Heidmarch has agreed to sponsor my application because of the work I’ve done on the local monuments. She insisted I include my research in this journal, claiming that it “displays a keen analytical mind and a professional researcher so sorely missing in many adventuring Pathfinders today.” I will let you be the judge of that.

Included is also Lady Heidmarch’s letter of recommendation for Onos T’oolan. For the most part, I agree with her assessment.

Recommendation: Approved for entrance as an initiate.

Travelogue of Onos T'oolan

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