Shattered Star

Session 29

Windsong Abbey - Initial Foray

Abadius 23, 4717

  • In an ornate bathing room, we had to fight a Hill Giant and a Redcap. It turns out they were backed up by an invisible Medusa. The Medusa turned out to be a high level priestess and was very tough to deal with. We also learned that Craig uses a specially weighted d20 to roll our miss chances. Bastard.
  • The statue in the room turns out to be Koriah Azmaran (the woman Lady Heidmarch was speaking with when we first came to the manor). We brought her back with the Stone Salve.
  • Koriah was able to give us a little information. Her father (a Cleric of Desna) is the person hiding in the central tower.
  • We descended the stairs and had to fight three Ettins and their leader. We wiped them out and made our way to the central tower.
  • We rescue Cora’s father (Casamir) and leave the abeey for our hiding spot.
  • Casamir was able to give us a little information:
  • In the basement is a special door that has a very complicated lock and only the high priest (now dead) knew how to open it.
  • The man who led the attack on the abbey is an ex-priest (Ardathanatus , an Elf, of course) of the abbey. He is now turned to chaos & evil.
  • A priest of Nethys is helping the Elf.
  • Ardathanatus has the Shard of Envy. He is at least 15th-level!
  • He gave us the token and password for the magically sealed door to the center tower.

Abadius 24, 4717

  • We came into the abbey during the day this time.
  • We also found a clue to the combination for the special door.
  • In the north tower we saw iron boots run upstairs, so we suspect the Redcaps are on the 2nd- and 3rd-levels of the tower.


  • Abbey books (+ 2 to checks on certain checks)
  • Art objects (Kob-Kog) ( gp)
  • Book of Demon Lord Poems ( gp)
  • Doomsday Key (4,500 gp)
  • + 1 Elf Bane Arrow x10 (83 gp)
  • From the Minds of Monsters (+ 1 Tome of Clear Thought) (recharges on Calistril 20)
  • + 1 Full Plate (1,325 gp)
  • Gold holy symbol to Mestama (230 gp)
  • Greataxe of Life Stealing (13,015 gp)
  • Light crossbow (17 gp)
  • Sliver of the Calistria chair

What’s Next

  • Clear Windsong Abbey for Bevaluu Zimantiu.
  • Retrieve a sliver of wood from the Chair of Calistria for Ayamyra. (Got it).
  • Clear the Abbey of threats. Consider taking out the last of the Giants. Descend below the Abbey.


Krothos Krothos

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