Shattered Star

Session 32

Beyond the Doomsday Door - Part 2


Abadius 24, 4717

  • Our Red Cap companion tried to escape, so we trapped her in the hallway with the Doomsday Door.
  • We thoroughly searched the level we’re on and bashed down a wall to discover it leads up to a trap door in the floor of the abbey.
  • We descended the stairs and came upon four Werebears that attacked us. Halfway through the fight, two Shoggti joined in the fight from behind the Werebears! We managed to kill them all.
  • We fell back to the “lighthouse” to rest for few hours using nap stack.

Evening of Abadius 24, 4717

  • Back down the stairs, we found a shrine to Sarenrae. When Onos prayed in the shrine, he received a vision that there is still a little bit of faith in Pharsma left in Ardathanatus – he may still be redeemable.
  • Grath disable some kind of magical water trap.
  • We found another Doomsday Door.
  • We found a shrine to Desna covered in orange slime. Inside, another horrible Quillpoth creature attacked us. It gave us some problems, but we killed it.
  • We returned to the upstairs Doomsday Door and fortunately, the same combination opened the lock. We descended the stairs on the other side.
  • We entered a room with another Doomsday Door in it. There is a fresco of an ancient priest prophesying the death Aroden – 10,000 years before his death!
  • We came to a room with a large boulder in it.


  • 922 sp
  • 1,262 gp
  • Abbey books (+ 2 to checks on certain checks)
  • Art objects (Kob-Kog) ( gp)
  • Book of Demon Lord Poems ( gp)
  • - 3 Photophobic Cloak ( gp)
  • + 1 Composite Short Bow [+ 2] (1,280 gp) x15
  • Death Bill (7,318 gp)
  • Doomsday Key (4,500 gp)
  • + 1 Elf Bane Arrow x10 (83 gp)
  • Fancy cloak (180 gp)
  • From the Minds of Monsters (+ 1 Tome of Clear Thought) (recharges on Calistril 20)
  • + 1 Full Plate (1,325 gp)
  • Garnet (5,000 gp)
  • Gem (100 gp) x7
  • Gold holy symbol to Mestama (230 gp)
  • Greataxe of Life Stealing (13,015 gp)
  • Heavy crossbow (25 gp) x8
  • + 1 Small Light Fortification Leather Armor (2,072 gp)
  • Large chain shirt (100 gp) x4
  • Large Masterwork Battleaxe (160 gp) x4
  • + 2 Leather Armor (2,080 gp)
  • Light crossbow (17 gp)
  • Masterwork Longbow (187 gp)
  • Masterwork Longsword (157 gp)
  • Masterwork Scythe (159 gp)
  • Masterwork Short Sword (155 gp) x15
  • Screaming Bolt (167 gp) x80
  • Scythe (9 gp) x8
  • Sliver of the Calistria chair
  • Silverware (1,300 gp)

What’s Next

  • Retrieve a sliver of wood from the Chair of Calistria for Ayamyra. (Got it).
  • Return to the shrine of Desna to clean and possibly consecrate it.
  • Consider using the Groetus Divination if we get stuck.


Krothos Krothos

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