Shattered Star

Session 34

Beyond the Doomsday Door - Part 4

Abadius 25, 4717

  • We encountered two more Gongorinans. Grath and Sawyer were turned into a monkey before we could kill them. At least Grath was able to Wild Shape out of his Baleful Polymorph.
  • We had to fall back to the lighthouse (again) to rest and remove the curse on Sawyer.

Abadius 26, 4717

  • We investigated a workshop for making Alchemical and Clockwork Golems.
  • We find a room decorated with a sort of an illusory planetarium.
  • We stumbled into a room where two dominatrix’s were torturing a man strapped to a table. The women turned out to be Animate Dreams! We killed the women and found the man had been totally Wisdom drained by them.
  • We had Grath and Sawyer take him up to the lighthouse, but before they could get there, they were attacked by six Sinspawn.
  • During the battle, the creepy Golem-crafter entered the fray as well. This turned out to be Zolerim, the priest of Nethys that betrayed the Abbey. Once we started to threaten him, he used Dimension Door to escape.
  • So, we went back to Zolerim’s room to look for him and or loot the room. * On the way there, he jumped us at one of the intersections. We had him in serious trouble and he used Dimension Door again.

What’s Next

  • Retrieve a sliver of wood from the Chair of Calistria for Ayamyra. (Got it).
  • Return to the shrine of Desna to clean and possibly consecrate it.
  • Consider using the Groetus Divination if we get stuck.


Krothos Krothos

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