Shattered Star

Session 39

Penetrating the Giltspur (he said, "penetrating")

Pharast 16, 4717

  • We started checking rooms for more Giants to talk to kill.
  • In one room were three Fire Giants. We managed to fool them into thinking we were new mercenaries. Because they were drunk, it worked.
  • We descended stairs and found ourselves in a series of rough-hewn passages and caves.
  • In one chamber, we found a strange, seven-sided rune-covered pillar. “Who sleeps in Giltspur’s shadow shall know this fear and what waits beyond shall…”
  • We found ourselves in a large hallway that was basically a abattoir. Three Hill Giants paid in blood for the carnage they had caused (or at least ignored).
  • In an enormous room, there were seven more Hill Giants. Were.
  • Next, we entered a circular room, we faced a horde of Hill Giants as well as Chief Jubbek and a Fire Giant. We killed most of them, but after we killed Chief Jubbek, the remaining Hill Giants and the Fire Giant surrendered.
  • We negotiated the “retreat” of the rest of the Giants and went to investigate the “room of creepy fog.”
  • We passed through a Mage’s Private Sanctum to find a large room with two leathery mounds. Oh no!

What’s Next

  • Book ready on Gozren 10.


Krothos Khaaaan

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