Shattered Star

Session 40

Beyond the Fog

Pharast 16, 4717

  • Although the leathery shapes did not move, the creatures ON the leathery shapes did move. We had to kill a pair of Skullrippers!
  • The leathery shapes were dead Cloakers.
  • The room was once a library. Now there were just a few magic items and scrolls carved into silver plates.
  • We entered a hexagonal rooms full of statues (female, faceless, with four wings and silver swords). The place is apparently some kind of museum.
  • Some of the rooms apparently bestow visions upon the first person into the room.
  • We found a room with a Delayed Blast Fireball held in stasis. Sawyer thinks that anyone who prepares Evocations spells in this room may gain an advantage.
  • In another room is a stone carriage and a bunch of other oddities (mummified snake, an iron rod, and an iron wand). After identifying these items, a Ghost appeared and attacked us. We “destroyed” him, but we know he’ll be back.
  • We had to fight an Intellect Devourer-possessed Silver Dragon and an insane Roper.
  • In a large fountain, we were attacked by a pair of Huge Water Elementals.

What’s Next

  • Book ready on Gozren 10.


Krothos Khaaaan

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