House Rules

    The Shattered Star campaign occurs predominately in Magnimar and Varisia. Since your character will be a Pathfinder in this campaign (see Session #0), you don’t need to limit yourself to races of Varisia. The Pathfinder Society accepts people from all over Golarion, as long as they’re willing to further the statutes of the Society. You may choose a particular faction within the Society, however those factions will not play a significant role in the campaign and won’t be represented here.

Shattered Star Player’s Guide

    11/6/16 Update
    *Added the reincarnate spell to list of Prohibited items.


    • Material from all Paizo sources are allowed, except as noted here.
    • Core Rulebook races with alternate racial traits.
        Alternate radial traits must be explained in character’s background.
    • 20 point buy with no ability score higher than 18 after racial adjustment.
    • Each character may select 2 traits.
    • Hit points are rolled as 1d3+3, 1d4+4, 1d5+5, 1d6+6, respectively.
    • Maximum starting gold as per class.
    • Magic items may be purchased at crafting cost with appropriate feat and spells.
    • Recommend using Pathfinder Unchained classes if selecting Barbarian, Monk, Rogue, or Summoner.
        If selecting Summoner, must use Unchained version and must have full stats (including any adjustments) for summoned creatures readily available.


    • Occult Adventures
    • Gunslinger and firearms
    • Clustered Shots, Dazing Spell, Improved Familiar, Leadership, Manyshot, Sacred Geometry
        Manyshot has been replaced by New Feats below.
    • Reincarnate
    • Magical Lineage paired with Magnus class
    • “Level dipping” into Prestige Classes
        Must select minimum 3 levels in Prestige Class before continuing with another class.


    • Burning Spell is only +1 spell level increase.
    • Power Attack bonus is -1/+2 for primary and 2-handed attacks, -1/+1 for secondary attacks.

Abilities & Conditions

    • Adaptation: Requires a standard action to activate/change, and is a free action to deactivate. Adaptations are selected at 3rd, 8th, 13th, and 18th (same levels as Favored Terrain benefit, which this replaces).
    • Bleed: Any type of healing (Ex, Sp, or Su) will remove the bleed condition. If both bleed and healing occur at same time (i.e. at start of character’s turn), both effects occur and bleed condition is removed afterwards.
    • Confusion: A confused character will attack their attacker on the following round only. Unless attacked again, the confused character will roll for the confusion effect as normal on the subsequent rounds.
    • Debilitating Injury: Bonuses and penalties from this ability are halved, and the movement penalty only prevents the target from taking 5’ step. These abilities don’t scale with level and cannot be extended beyond the end of the rogue’s next round (or rogue’s previous initiative count if the rogue delays or readies their action).
    • Greater Power Attack: This ability changes the Power Attack bonuses to -1/+3 for 2-handed weapons.
    • Life Bubble: This spell will protect against most inhaled poisons and diseases. Please consult with the GM if opting to use this spell.
    • Life Link: Creating a bond with a target requires a melee touch. Thereafter, the bond does not require line of effect to stay active, though the bonded must be remain on the same plane of existence.
    • Prestige Classes: Increase to spell casting level adds the appropriate number of new spells with the selected spellcasting class (spells known or spells learned), but does not gain any other benefits that spellcasting class would have gained.
    • Smite: This ability no longer provides a bonus to AC, damage bonus is +1 per level (does not double vs certain creature types), and the damage reduction component has been changed. Instead, the wielded weapon becomes aligned against the target, matching the alignment of the paladin.
    • Spellstrike: The touch spell delivered when using this ability will only result in a critical threat with a natural 20 on the attack roll, while the weapon used uses its own critical threat range. Use the same critical threat roll for both weapon and spell.

New Feats

    • Improved Rapid Shot: Dex 17, Rapid Shot, BAB +6. When making a full-attack action with a ranged weapon, you can fire one additional time this round with a -5 penalty. This stacks with the additional attack and penalty from Rapid Shot. This feat may be selected as a bonus feat for appropriate classes at 6th level.
    • Greater Rapid Shot: Dex 19, Improved Rapid Shot, BAB +11. When making a full-attack action with a ranged weapon, you can fire one additional time this round with a -10 penalty. This stacks with the additional attacks and penalties from Rapid Shot and Improved Rapid Shot. This feat may be selected as a bonus feat for appropriate classes at 10th level.


    • Natural 20 on a critical threat roll allows for an additional critical threat roll to confirm an increase to the critical damage multiplier by one.
    • Attacks of opportunity are not triggered when using a full-round action to stand up from being prone or by involuntary movement, such as being pushed, pulled, or falling, except when an ability indicates otherwise.
    • Retrieving an item from your backpack is full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity.
    • Acrobatics checks to avoid any attacks of opportunity is rolled once during the character’s turn. The result is compared against each opponent’s CMD + modifiers in order as character moves (character determines order when multiple opponents threaten at same time).


    • Character levels will be awarded as appropriate during the campaign.
    • Coins, gems, and potions have no weight.
    • Potions, scrolls, and spellbooks radiate faint Universal magic.
    • Dissipated magic will not leave lingering auras.
    • Up to 1,000 gp of potions of the same type may be created each day.
    • Town crafters use accelerated time when crafting magic items.

Ioun Stones

    • Ioun stones no longer orbit a owner’s head. Instead, these stones must be embedded into masterwork items to function. Each item can have 1 ioun stone embedded at a time.
    • DC 10 Craft appropriate item and 4 hours of crafting time is needed to add or remove an ioun stone.
    • There is no cost in gold for this specific “crafting”. No crafting materials are needed when performed by a PC. NPC crafters will not charge for this service when the masterwork item or ioun stone is purchased from them.
    • Non-magical masterwork items will show the ioun stone’s magical aura. If the item has its own enchantments, only the more powerful magical aura is revealed between two.


    • This is a living document, subject to change as needed for the campaign.
    • All opinions and suggestions are welcomed.

House Rules

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